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"The Essentials" Flyleds Position and Strobe Lighting Kit

"The Essentials" Flyleds Position and Strobe Lighting Kit

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Get premium-quality LED lighting for less with these DIY kits. Build your own wingtip LED strobe and position lighting in a few hours for way less!

DIY Kit - Built by you. You need to solder all of the components onto the boards. It should only take you 4 to 5 hours to complete. You only need basic hand tools like flush or side cutters and pliers (~$10 each), but you must have a temperature-controlled soldering iron with a fine point tip. We have included a length of solder in the kit for you.

Step-by-step instructions are provided, so even if you're a beginner at soldering, we'll walk you through every step.

These lights are designed to exceed the minimum anti-collision lighting requirements for certified aircraft; you will be seen with Flyleds' LED position and strobe lights. The strobes are switch-configurable for several flash patterns. In addition, an optional WigWag mode is available, which gives a longer flash duration and improves your visibility to others during daytime flight.

450grams/16 oz total weight. (That's only 200 grams/7 oz per wing!)

The kit includes circuit boards for the left and right wings, the controller board, and all of the parts required to make it bright!

You can complement this kit with our LED tail strobe. Already have wingtip landing lights installed? Sub out for our Skinny boards in your kit and keep your setup intact.

We now have boards to suit:

  • RV-10&14 (Van's part number W-1015)
  • RV-9 (W-915)
  • RV-7 & 8 (W-715-1 Newer model wingtips with a straight trailing edge)
  • RV-7 & 8 (W-715 "Batwing" Older model wingtips with a curved trailing edge)
  • RV-4, 6, & 8 (W-415 Flat-top or Hoerner wingtip).**contact us for availability

If you have ANY doubt about your wingtip model, please see our writeup here.

Simply select your wing type at checkout and we'll send you the correct ones. Appropriate instructions will come with your kit, but you can find all instruction manuals at

Note: Not supplied with kit: Shielded 18-22 AWG cable to connect the wings and tail light to the controller board. See our Premade Wiring Harness (sold separately) for all the wire you need to complete the job.

Supplied with a solder type 15 pin male D connector for your wiring loom, however, we recommend that you replace this part with a crimp style plug and machined crimp pins.

Add Soldering for $150.

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