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Flyleds Tail LED (kit model)

Flyleds Tail LED (kit model)

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PLEASE NOTE: this light is not designed to stand alone. This model must be used in conjunction with the Flyleds wing kit. It relies on the kit’s central controller board to operate the light in both position and strobe modes.

The controller board sends the tail light ~10% power when your position/nav light switch is on, and sends it 100% power for each strobe flash in synchronization with the wings. Custom molded with 3 high-powered LEDs, this light puts out almost 3000 lumens of light. You will be seen!

Our Tail LED fits the same 1.75″ mounting holes as a conventional xenon strobe, and the base is shaped to match the fiberglass profile of a Van’s RV tail.

Supplied with our exclusive mounting plate which is designed to be adhered to the inside of the fiberglass tail fairing. This makes for a sturdy screw point for the strobe to be screwed into. Just add some thread locker on installation and you’re set. Supplied with M3 316 stainless steel machine screws.

Being a hand-made item, the solid cast-resin dome may have some suspended air bubbles, but they do not materially affect the light output. When it’s turned on, it’s too bright to look at!

55 grams / 2oz in weight.

We now have a mounting bracket that can be riveted to the exterior of the rudder fairing. Clear anodized aluminum, supplied with four CS4-4 rivets. Tapped with M3 threads to suit Flyleds tail lights.

Flyleds Tail Light Mount
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