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Flyleds Skinny Boards

Flyleds Skinny Boards

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Please note: the Skinny boards must be ordered with a Flyleds DIY Position and Strobe Light kit. This item will be of no use as a standalone unit.

Do you have landing lights already installed in your wingtips? Don't want to move them? The Skinny add-on boards will help you meet your strobe and position lighting requirements.

Used in place of the normal Flyleds forward-facing board, The Skinny is only one inch wide. With the connections and resistors tucked away inside the wing, it leaves plenty of room for your lights.

Designed to fit with all of our existing kits (except the W-415 wing), you simply trim the top and bottom to suit the profile of your wing, from the tall RV-10 to the short RV-7/8 Batwing.

Supplied as a kit of left and right PCBs only, as a replacement for the forward-facing boards in a standard Flyleds lighting kit. The LEDs and resistors required to populate the boards are supplied in the appropriate full wing kit for your plane. (The Skinny Boards must be ordered in conjunction with a wing kit, orders for the Skinny Boards that stand alone without an order for wing kits will NOT be honored, unless special provision is made by contacting us at

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