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Flyleds Tail Dragger Max

Flyleds Tail Dragger Max

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So you have a tail dragger, you love the great idea that is the Flyleds Combo lights, but you crave the amazing light output from the Flyleds Seven Stars lights, right?

Introducing the Tail Dragger Max light. Simply the best light available for your tail dragger aircraft.

The traditional way lights are arranged on tail dragger planes is to have one (very average) light on one wing aimed straight ahead for landing, with the other (very average) light aimed lower for taxiing. It's like you're landing with one eye closed, and then swapping to the other eye when you're trying to find or navigate the taxiways.

With two Tail Dragger Max lights you will have an incredible amount of light aimed correctly for landing, and then when the tail is on the ground you can still see where you're going with light aimed correctly for taxiing coming from both sides of the plane.

From a single Tail Dragger Max light you get 6500 lumens of clear white 5000k light aimed straight ahead, plus another 2500 lumens of light aimed 20 degrees lower for taxiing. Our landing lights are fitted with collimating lenses making a tight 8-degree beam, throwing the light as far forward as possible so you get to see those runway numbers as early as possible. The taxi lights are fitted with diffuser lenses to spread the beam across the ground.

For reference, your average 50-watt halogen headlight fitted to so many RV's is a poorly formed beam of yellow light around 500-700 lumens. Just the landing light section alone of the Tail Dragger Max light is 8-10 times, the amount of light.

These lights literally do turn night into day!

The Tail Dragger Max light has two power inputs, giving you high beam/low beam functionality.

The Main power input will light up all seven lights at once, while the (optional) Taxi power input will light up just the top two taxi lights so you can be more courteous to others when you're on the ground.

The Main power input draws 7-8 amps and the taxi lights (alone) draw around 2 amps. The light is suited for 12-volt power systems only. And of course, with FlyLEDs time-proven linear power supply design driving each LED, there will not be any intercom or radio noise. Guaranteed.

Designed with Van's new RV-15 in mind, the Tail Dragger Max light will drop right into place in your RV-14 light bays, with no extra brackets required, and it should be a simple retrofit into your Van's or Duckworks PAR36 sized (round) leading edge light bay.

The Tail Dragger Max is supplied in parts form (to save on shipping volume and cost), requiring just a screwdriver and 20 minutes of your time to assemble.

Overview of the Tail Dragger Max:

  • For 12-volt systems only.
  • 7-8 amps for the Main power input (all seven lights on)
  • 2 amps for the Taxi power input
  • Weighs 730 grams / 26oz.
  • PAR36-sized light (4" diameter mounting hole)
  • 20-minute assembly


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Amp draw of these lights?

A: The Taildragger Max will draw 7-8A per unit with all seven of the lights on.

Q: Can I WigWag these lights?

A: With the addition of one of our WigWag modules or Switches to control the WigWag pattern, this light will flash a WigWag pattern. The light comes on instantly when power is applied, so it can also be used with other WigWag or smart avionics switches (e.g. Garmin GAD27 or a VP-X)

Q: How does the wiring work for this light?

A: The wiring for these lights is quite simple; simply feed 12v to the 12v+ port on the circuit board, terminate the ground port locally in the wing. We recommend 14AWG for the Seven Stars and Taildragger Max lights.


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