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Flyleds Wig Wag Switch

Flyleds Wig Wag Switch

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The new Flyleds WigWag Switch is another simple way to add WigWag flash patterns to existing lights. This three-position (progressive) switch functions similarly to Flyleds versatile and popular WigWag Module, and can be set to operate your landing lights in one of two modes:


Switching between modes is as simple as pressing a button. Just like the WigWag Module, it can be set for one of eight different flash patterns at the press of a button, and it is rated for two 10 amp loads. It’s simple to install, just needing 12v power in, two connections out to your landing lights, and a low-current ground connection for the module.

If your toggle switches are spaced an inch or more apart on your panel you shouldn’t have any clearance issues.

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