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Flyleds Wig Wag Module

Flyleds Wig Wag Module

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With only four connections to make, the tiny Flyleds WigWag module is easily fitted into your existing wiring loom, and adds WigWag functionality to any 12V or 24V pair of lights.

There are multiple ways to configure and operate the unit:
  • Use a separate 'WigWag' switch in addition to your existing 'Landing Lights' switch.
  • Add a third 'WigWag' switch to your existing Landing and Taxi switch setup.
  • Use an ON-OFF-ON switch to select between WigWag and Landing lights
  • And, unique to Flyleds, you can also control your landing lights with just ONE standard ON-OFF switch!
    • Turn the light switch on, both lights will come on as usual.
    • Turn the switch OFF and back ON within one second, the lights begin to WigWag.
    • Turn the switch off and back on again after one second returns both lights to steady on ready for landing.
There are eight different flash patterns to choose from, easily set with a single push button. The unit will switch two 10 amp loads, and is ideally matched to our spotlight products. The user manual is available here. As we get your feedback the range of suggested circuit diagrams will grow!

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