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Flyleds Strobe Power Supply Adapter Kit

Flyleds Strobe Power Supply Adapter Kit

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Many of our customers have a xenon strobe system already fitted to their plane, which comes with a central power supply that is usually difficult to reach, such as behind the rear bulkhead.

This item is not a replacement for a non-functioning power supply. But it does make installing a complete Flyleds kit (which is a great system replacement) a whole lot easier to do!

The kit consists of a fiberglass mounting plate with the same footprint and mounting holes as a Whelen HDACF strobe power supply. You can drill extra mounting holes as required to match your installation.

The plate holds the Flyleds controller board from either The Works or The Original kit, and it includes an adapter board with the original 3 pin connectors so that your existing strobe wiring harness cables can quickly and simply plug straight in. Then, complete the installation and wiring connections for your Flyleds kit out at the wingtips and tail utilizing your existing wiring and you’re done!

No hassles trying to crimp or solder wires in hard-to-reach places.The instruction sheet can be found here. The Flyleds setup is 5oz/150 grams, and replaces a 2lb power box.You may have found Flyleds after looking for spare strobe parts. If you haven’t seen the prices yet, be sure to be seated! If your existing strobe system (or parts of it) is still working, you may consider reselling it; it’s worth money to those in the certified world who need to stay with xenon strobe technology.

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