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Flyleds Strobe System Replacement Controller Board

Flyleds Strobe System Replacement Controller Board

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Many of our customers have a conventional xenon strobe system already fitted to their plane, which comes with a central power supply and wiring that's usually located somewhere really awkward to reach, such as behind the rear bulkhead.

This item is not a replacement for a non-functioning power supply. But it does make installing a complete Flyleds kit (which is a great system replacement) a whole lot easier to do!

This product has changed from being a bolt on "adapter kit" to a complete upsized controller board to suit your Flyleds The Essentials or The Works kit.

The normally supplied Flyleds controller board is replaced with this one, which is the same size and footprint as a Whelen HDACF strobe power supply. In addition this controller board includes the same white 3 pin connectors, so your existing strobe wiring harness cables simply unplug from the old power supply and plug straight into the Flyleds controller board.

Then, complete the installation and wiring connections for your Flyleds kit out at the wingtips and tail utilizing your existing wiring and you're done!
No hassles trying to crimp plugs or solder wires in hard to reach places.

The instruction sheet can be found here.

The Flyleds setup is just 5oz/150 grams.

Please note: The Works kit controller board can wigwag your landing lights, however it's highly likely to be a nuisance and/or difficult to divert your existing landing light wiring to this location in order to use that function. Instead, please consider adding a Wigwag Module or a Wigwag Switch to your order as well, which will keep your existing landing light wiring where it always was at the back of the panel.

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