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"The Works" Flyleds Wingtip Lighting Kit

"The Works" Flyleds Wingtip Lighting Kit

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If you're looking for top-quality LED aircraft lighting at a price that cannot be beaten, look no further. Flyleds "The Works" kit is a DIY solder-together kit that puts everything you need in the wingtips... nav lights, strobe lights, landing lights, and taxi lights.

Ever since we launched The Original Flyleds kit we received a constant stream of emails asking "Do you do landing lights as well?" We held off for a long time because there were some great products already out there, but with the challenge duly set we spent a year researching and evaluating our options and designing the spotlights to come up with The Works lights. We couldn't be more proud of the results, and hundreds of kits later, our customers are in agreement!

Our landing lights use quality Cree LEDs producing a total minimum of 7200 lumens of light. Rather than using simple reflectors, we use collimating lenses which gather all of the light from the LED and make a tight beam with very little spill. That means more photons are being thrown where it's needed... waaay out front and center!

For simplicity, the LEDs are driven with a linear constant current power supply, rather than a switching-type supply. The result: no radio or intercom noise, ever. We haven't suppressed the noise; there isn't any being made to start with!

Need taxi lights as well? You can also wire and aim one of the spotlights in each wingtip independently from the others for taxiing. Perfect for taildraggers! The new "The Works" controller board can also turn on the strobe LEDs continuously so you get an additional flood of light off the ends of your wingtips. This can help you improve your peripheral vision and illuminate the taxiway edges and obstructions.

The controller board also takes care of wig-wagging (flashing) your landing lights. Even if you're mostly a daytime VFR flyer, by wig-wagging your lights on every flight you will be seen coming for miles by both human and feathered pilots.

"The Works" lighting kit includes:

  • Red and green position/nav lighting (both wings)
  • Strobe lights (both wings)
  • Landing lights (both wings)
  • Taxi/Flood lights (both wings)
  • WigWag function built-in.

Match "The Works" kit with one of our tail strobe options and you're fully covered.

Add Soldering: $150

Add Spotlight Assembly: $30

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