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Flyleds Combo Landing/Taxi Light Kit

Flyleds Combo Landing/Taxi Light Kit

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Our most popular Landing/Taxi light setup offers an excellent balance of light output and value. With 4800 total lumens of light in this unit, you’ll have more than enough to see and be seen. The Combo Light can be assembled with one of the four LED spotlights pointed downward to make a fine taxi light in a taildragger.*

This kit is for one single combo light unit. If you’re planning to use these in both wings, you will need two kits.

Designed with an oversized board so that you can drill and/or trim it to fit your application, the circle shown around the spotlights is 100mm in diameter, showing that it will fit into place where a PAR36 globe was fitted in a leading-edge light bay, for example.

Note the top LED is separately powered and adjustable for angle. We supply an adapter lens that can be used to transform the normal 8-degree beam into a 20-degree wide flood lens for taxiing. This lens can tilt downwards around 20 degrees, making it especially suited for tail dragger aircraft.

For 12 volt systems only, each genuine Cree LED draws 1 amp of current, which results in:

  • 1200 lumens of light from the single LED flood light.
  • 3 amps and 3600 genuine lumens of nice, clear 8-degree beam of white light from three LEDs.
  • You can, of course, wire all four LEDs together, making it a 4800-lumen tarmac melter!
  • No radio or intercom noise. None. We promise! This item requires assembly.

Supplied are the light PCBs, heatsinks and collimator lenses. You need to spend 30 minutes or so to assemble the heatsinks and lenses to the circuit board, and rivet the nut plates (supplied) to the single LED board. No other mounting hardware is supplied. We leave that up to you!

It’s common for our customers to use these lights with the Duckworks mounting brackets. This will work best with the round Duckworks kits; the rectangular Duckworks kit will require some cutting to fit. Obviously, this is not a direct replacement for a PAR36 globe that is otherwise space-constrained in a light fitting (e.g. if the space behind the bracket is blocked). However, this does give us the advantage of being able to use bigger heatsinks, which means we can deliver far more lumens!

Yes, you can buy cheaper lights in this size, but none of them will have the light output these have. Please let us know if you think we’ve been outdone!

  • The board size is 130×120 mm and is made from easily shaped and drilled 1.6mm aluminum.
  • The heatsinks extend 70mm behind the board, and the collimator lenses are 27mm tall.
  • Weight 440g/15.5oz


*If you’re planning to install in an A-model, our Quad Spotlight offers the same amount of light with easier assembly and less cost.

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Customer Reviews

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Gary G.

I successfully installed the combo light into my duckworks round frame but not without a lot of trimming of the light assembly. I'm happy with the product overall.


Installed these on both wingtips of my RV-4 with the duckworks kits - turned out very good and a lot of positive comments from other pilots at my airport on the visibility of my plane. These easily provide a beam of light at 150-200 ft out - no problem. Low current demand and easy to assemble. Only challenge is assembling into the wingtip itself.