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Flyleds Quad Spotlight

Flyleds Quad Spotlight

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Our Combo Light has been one of our most popular sellers especially suited for tail dragger aircraft with hundreds of units now sold. Our new (and imaginatively named!) Quad Spotlight is an alternative that will no doubt prove to be popular with nose wheeler aircraft, where the separately tilting light found on the Combo light is not required.

Sold individually: one unit is for one wing. Order two to have one for each wing.

The Quad Spotlight is simple to assemble and install. Supplied as the light PCB, heatsinks, and collimating lenses, you need to spend 30 minutes or so to assemble the heatsinks and lenses to the circuit board.

The board size is 140mm x 105mm, but it can be trimmed down to 82mm/3.25″ tall and 100mm/4″ wide if required, or even trimmed into a 100mm/4″ diameter (ie PAR36) circle. The red box in the drawing below represents the typical square halogen light mounting hole dimension often found in the leading edge of your RV. You can see that it would only take a few minutes to enlarge that hole to accommodate the heatsinks behind the LEDs, and another few minutes to install the light using the same mounting holes and screws.

If you have a circular PAR36 light there now, or if you have the standard bracket for the RV-14A, the Quad Spot will drop right in.

To change out your existing halogen light you would go from approximately 600 lumens of yellow light to 4800 lumens of clear white light, focused into a tight beam that will light up the runway much earlier than ever before. For 12 volt systems only, the Quad Spotlight has two power inputs. The main input will light all four LEDs (4 amps, 4800 lumens) and the Taxi input will light up just one LED (1 amp, 1200 lumens). Perfect for taxiing without blinding others!

Note that we have a “right-hand” version of the light as well, with the power terminals and Taxi light on the right-hand side. If you buy two we’ll supply one of each… if you need a specific side, just let us know in the order comments.

With our proven linear power supply design there will never be radio or intercom noise.

430grams/15oz weight.

Combine two of these lights with our Wigwag Switch or Module and you will be seen coming for miles.

Note: Some of our competitors list their light output in Beam Candlepower. For comparison, the Quad Spotlight is 235,000 candela for the three main beams, and an additional 78,400 or 12,500 candela for the fourth light, depending on whether it is fitted with the wider taxi lens.

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