Which tailwheel is right for me?

At Flyboy Accessories, we got our start making upgraded tailwheels for Van’s RV. All of our tailwheel forks will directly retrofit into a standard Van’s full-swiveling tailwheel assembly (standard equipment on kits shipped after 1997) with only a wrench and a few minutes of your time. If you have one of the older-style Van’s non-swiveling tailwheel assemblies, see our document on upgrading the bent spring for more information.

We have two flagship tailwheel fork products, which should be considered functionally equivalent with a few minor differences. The biggest difference between the two forks comes down to aesthetics: which one do you like the looks of?

Most Popular: Doug Bell Tailwheel Fork

The Bell Fork, like the Screaming Eagle fork listed below, is designed to maximize obstacle clearance. We’ve raised the front of the fork to the point that anything the tire will roll over, the fork will clear as well. No more worrying about clipping the tailwheel fork on a pothole, expansion joint, rock, or clump of grass.

With the front of the fork raised up, we can also move the tire closer to the pivot point, using mechanical advantage to make the plane easier to steer (particularly for tandem configuration models which can put a lot more weight on the tailwheel). This fork will also lift the tailwheel somewhat to provide slightly better visibility over the nose. Find it on the store here.

Lighter weight: Screaming Eagle Tailwheel Fork

The Screaming Eagle fork features all the same benefits of the Bell Fork: maximized obstacle clearance, improved handling, and a bump to tail height. This fork comes in about 7 ounces lighter than the Bell fork (equal in weight to the stock tailwheel fork), and its narrower construction makes it possible to outfit a tailwheel fairing if you are so inclined. Find it on the store here.

Pneumatic option: Condor2

If you’re tired of the tailwheel noise that you get with a solid rubber tire, our Condor2 pneumatic tailwheel assembly offers a smooth, quiet ride. The tailwheel fork is a larger version of the Bell fork, which accommodates a larger 200mm diameter tire (the fork and tire are sold as a set, as the larger-diameter tire will NOT fit with the Doug Bell or Screaming Eagle fork). Find it on the store here.

Solid Tires

We have options for upgraded tires as well, which save weight and maintenance vs. the stock Van’s tire. Both of these tires will work with the stock Van’s, Doug Bell, or Screaming Eagle forks… or even work as a spare tire for the Condor2 fork.

Lightweight Tire

Lightest weight, full-size tailwheel tire available for your RV. Weighs in at 25 oz., which is a full pound lighter than the stock Van’s tire. Features sealed bearings for long service life with zero maintenance. Find it on the store here.

Deluxe Tire

Weighing in at 33 oz. and featuring sealed bearings, this tire is an excellent, budget-friendly workhorse of a tire. Find it on the store here.

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