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Condor2 Pneumatic Tailwheel Fork Unit

Condor2 Pneumatic Tailwheel Fork Unit

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Upgrade your RV tailwheel to a smooth-riding, low noise pneumatic tire with our Condor2 system. This listing is for a complete retrofit unit and includes the Condor2 Fork, aluminum hub, 200×50 6-ply Aero Classic Tire and Tost Aero tube.

Please note: though it looks similar, the Condor2 fork has different dimensions than the Doug Bell tailwheel. The Bell fork, and other forks designed for the standard 6″ wheel, are not large enough to accommodate the 200×50 tire.

In addition to the benefits of the pneumatic tire, the 200×50 tire is nearly 8 inches in diameter, lending your airplane maximum tailwheel obstacle clearance and raising the tailwheel for improved visibility over-the-nose. Using the same 3/8″ axle bolt that is standard on Van’s equipment allows you to easily swap out to a solid tire in the event of a flat.

Read a pilot report of this unit here.

For more information on installation, maintenance, and flying with your new tailwheel, we suggest you check out our free

Tailwheel Install Documents

Please be aware that pneumatic tires can and do go flat, and a smaller tire is somewhat more prone to this problem than your larger main tires. Even with the best tires and tubes available, you should expect and be prepared for the occasional flat. We recommend purchasing extra tubes and/or keeping a solid or foam-filled spare on hand in case it is needed.

We cannot be responsible for tires that go flat. We recommend running these tires at 50psi and checking the pressure regularly. Tires that get low on pressure fail much faster. The whole Condor2 assembly (fork, tube, tire, hub) weighs in at 3 lbs, 13 oz.

Please note: installed inner tubes and tires are non-returnable.

New Purchase Option: Scratch n Dent is occassionally available for white and black powder coating color options! When the forks return from the powder coater, a few come back with less than pristine coats. Functionally – the tailwheel fork works just as great, but there is a blemish or two. We now have the Scratch n Dent versions of our tailwheel forks for $15 less. A brand new tailwheel fork for a discounted price!

IF we have these available, they will be enabled in the drop-down selection. If you don’t see that option, it means we have no scratch-n-dent stock.  

Here are pictures of the typical blemishes that the tailwheel fork might have:

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