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Van's Type Tailwheel Tapered Rod Spring

Van's Type Tailwheel Tapered Rod Spring

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Tapered rod spring for Van’s type aircraft. This item does not come pre-drilled; you will need to match drill to fit your parts. See our document on Drilling the Tail Spring for more information.


  • Direct replacement for Van’s tailwheel springs
  • 0.875″ (7/8″) forward end to match Van’s type fuselage weldments
  • Now available with two different aft mounting diameters: 
    • 0.635″ aft end to match Van’s (pre-2017) and our original Screaming Eagle tailwheel mounting sockets
    • 0.644" aft end to match Van's (2017-present) mounting socket and JDAir yoke
  • Fully heat-treated
  • Precision ground
  • Approximately 21″ long, same as the original
  • Weight 2lbs.10oz.
  • NOTE: This is not a replacement for the RV-14 tail spring

Intended uses:

  • Direct replacement for Van’s type springs that are bent or incorrectly drilled
  • Use to replace old-style bent tailwheel springs when upgrading to a Screaming Eagle tailwheel
  • Use to custom fabricate your own tailwheel system on Tailwinds, T-18’s, Cubs, and many other taildraggers of 2000# gross weight or less.

Also useful as:

  • Club
  • Paperweight
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Earl J

Happy you got these back in stock. Nicely machined. Gonna turn heads!

Marcus Z.

Great improvement over original part. Perfect fit. Arrived quickly. Thanks!

Lucio C.

I just received my last order from FlyBoy so I would tell about my big satisfaction for high quality products.
I've totally replaced the tail spring and wheel components finding each of them much better and strong than those obtained from kit, furthermore, all makes the tail little higher so improve the visibility forward.
I must commend the great customer care for all the answers promptly provided , by Vince and Blake, at my never end questions.
Thanks guys
Lucio I-NLCM

Dennis M.

Good and fast Trans


I purchased Flyboy's tapered spring as a replacement. It's exactly as described and is a well machined rod! Great fit, even on my older 1983 built RV-4. The only difficult part was match drilling it to my weldment. I was able to use my old rod to get the proper dimensions since my aircraft is already built and access to this weldment is impractical.

That spring steel is some hard stuff--I had good success with a *new* Cobalt bit, cutting oil, and a nice drill press. Measure twice and work slow!