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Van's replacement VA-148 Wingtip Lens

Van's replacement VA-148 Wingtip Lens

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Polycarbonate replacement wingtip lighting cove lens for the discontinued VA-148, which fits W-415 wingtips (common on RV-4, RV-6, and pre-2001 RV-8s). Cut in half to make two lenses, one left and one right.

Please note: There is a good chance this will not fit your wingtips!!

The original flat-top wingtips did not come with a cutout for wingtip lighting, and over the years there have been several different modification kits out from different suppliers to add the space for a light. These lenses will fit ONLY if you have the Van’s W-415 wingtips with the light cove kit originally supplied by Van’s. For the most part, this is easily identifiable: the faces of the lighting sit at approximately 90 degrees from one other, it does not have a hole for a PAR36 landing light.

If the faces of your lighting cove make an obtuse angle, or if you have a hole for a landing light, these lenses will NOT fit. Refer to the pictures in this listing or contact us for more information.

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Customer Reviews

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Lawrence A.

Simple formed clear plastic pair of lenses for modifying my RV4 415 wingtips for FlyLeds nav and strobe lights (also a great product). Very reasonably priced lenses and fast shipping. Always a great buying experience with Flyboy Accessories. Thanks.

Thomas L.

I haven't gotten to the fabrication of the tip lens yet, but the quality of the lens is excellent.

Jerry E.

I ordered the wrong part but it was promptly rectified. Outstanding customer service.