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Tom's Oil Filter Cutter

Tom's Oil Filter Cutter

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Tom’s oil filter cutting tool will allow you to quickly and easily open your oil filter and inspect your aircraft’s filtering material for trapped debris. Oil filter inspection is a critical measure of your engine’s health and should always be a part of your aircraft’s regular maintenance program.

Most filter cutters work like a pipe or tubing cutter in that you have to go around and around the filter, adjusting cutter depth with each pass. Although you could do that with this tool, the real beauty of this product is that the cut can be easily made in one pass.

The tool is designed primarily for Lycoming oil filters that have a threaded insert protruding from the end of the filter. A few Lycoming oil filters and most Continental oil filters do not have this insert. For these filters, an adapter insert is supplied with the tool. The adapter fits a 3/4-16 thread, which is common on many automotive filters as well.

NOTE: If you’re planning on using this tool for automotive filters, please check the thread size of your specific filter, as not all filters use the same thread size.

Tom’s oil filter cutter may also be used on smaller filters such as found on Rotax or automotive engines. Simply remove the cutter handle and reposition the pivot bolt to the inner hold on the base handle. The adapter insert may be needed on these filters as well.

Made in the USA by Flyboy Accessories.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter H.


W. D.

Bought this oil filter cutter and have been really pleased with this product!

Darryl H.

Great tool.

Ron S.

I’ve used this cutter a number of times on my Champion aircraft filters and works quickly and easily.

Keith V.

Worked perfectly first time I tried it on the filter for my Lycoming IO-360; and having a spare cutting wheel built in is a nice touch. Great value, too.