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Tip Jar

Tip Jar

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As much as we love aviation, the honest truth is that we’re only able to do what we do because it pays our bills. We do everything that we can to help our customers, often incurring cost or spending valuable time to do it, and we do that because we believe that excellent service should be part of the deal when you order from us.

That being said, if you feel like we’ve gone above-and-beyond to help you out of a jam and you want to throw us a bone, you can use this “tip jar” to do it. 

Getting the right amount: the tip jar is set up in $1 increments. You can add more quantity to get the correct amount. 

You might also find yourself here to pay for oddball requests, small custom orders, shipping costs, or whatever. If that’s the case, refer to any correspondence we’ve had on appropriate amounts and feel free to throw in some extra and I’ll give it to Chris. Why do it this way? For small transactions, it sometimes takes more time than it’s worth for us to enter the order, get shipping information, and collect payment. If you can make my job easier by handling the paperwork, I can focus on getting you the information and parts that you need!

If we haven’t already been in contact, please leave a comment on your order at checkout so we know what it’s for.

Unless we’ve told you otherwise, tips are never expected, so don’t feel any obligation here.

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