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Tailwheel Mounting Socket

Tailwheel Mounting Socket

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Stuff happens. Maybe you drilled your tailwheel on crooked. Maybe you’re starting from scratch for some other reason. Regardless, sometimes you just need to start with a new part.

The Screaming Eagle mounting socket is designed to replace Van’s type mounting sockets. Our engineered plastic bushing is more durable than bronze, requires no special maintenance, and does not include the accessory (and useless) grease zerk common in typical mounting sockets. However, please don’t powder coat it. Exposure to high heat shrinks it and it will be ruined.

NOTE: Our mounting sockets do NOT come with pre-drilled bolt holes!

With the variety of ways and dimensions that builders install these sockets, it is impossible for us to pre-drill holes and guarantee their fit. If you buy this product, you will have to drill or match drill holes to attach to the tail spring. Please do not buy this product if you are unwilling or unable to do that. See this document on creating a drill guide for matching existing bolt holes.


  • Standard size fits tailsprings of 0.635″ diameter (also available to fit .625″ and 33/64″)
  • Fits tailwheel forks with a shaft diameter of 7/8″.
  • Height is approximately 2.06″
  • Completely machined, reamed, and ready to install
  • Not drilled for spring mounting bolts – allows you to duplicate existing bolt holes

We also have a complete line of replacement parts that are interchangeable with Van’s type tailwheels.


Q: What is the API Conversion?

A: Aviation Products (API) makes a tailwheel assembly that is somewhat commonly found on RVs, especially older RVs built prior to Van’s full-swiveling tailwheel design. Changing from the API tailwheel comes with some extra considerations, including a special mounting socket that we built for this purpose, as outlined in our blog post here.

Q: What are the angles of the various mounting sockets?

A: Standard mounting socket angle: RV mounting angle is approximately 21 degrees above the horizon

Sonex mounting socket angle: Sonex sockets are made with a 0.625″ stinger mounting diameter and is set at an angle that is approximately 33 degrees above the horizon.

Q: Do you have replacement bushings for my Van’s socket?

A: No, we do not carry the bronze bushings that Van’s uses, and our bushings will not fit to Van’s parts. You can likely find replacement bushings at an industrial supply

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