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Supertracks Canopy Track Extension

Supertracks Canopy Track Extension

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Supertracks is a canopy track extension for side-by-side RV’s with the sliding canopy. Once installed, this allows the canopy to slide back an additional 8″-9″, giving you an incredible amount of room to load and unload the baggage compartment.

Supertracks is easy to install and is designed to be simple to use – there is nothing to detach, adjust, or prop up. It’s the same simple forward and aft motion that you’re already used to.

This kit includes everything you will need to install Supertracks:

  • Two (2) Supertracks s-tracks made from precision-machined aluminum
  • Additional rollers, axles, and spacers to convert your canopy trucks
  • Spine track extension piece
  • Installation hardware

If you do not need the Spine track extension piece (See Q&A for more information), use the coupon code "8TRACK" during check-out for $10 off your product.

Curious to know what goes into installing the Supertracks? Check out our instruction video below

Q: I’m still in the building phase, is it better to get Supertracks now or wait until the canopy is finished?

A: The Supertracks kit is designed to go in any time, and there’s not much that changes if you’re retrofitting vs. building new. The only real change is that if you’re still building you can opt to build the spine track as one single piece rather than using the extension piece that we provide.


Q: How do I do that (build the spine track as a single piece)?

A: Typically, this starts with picking up an extra RV-8 spine track from Van’s. The curved profile of the track is a little different on the RV-8 track, so you’ll need to re-bend the new track to match the profile of your original spine track, then cut the new track to give yourself about 10 inches of extra travel beyond the original. Build and install the new track as normal. The Van’s part numbers you will need are these (prices may be out of date):

  • C-805 CANOPY SLIDE SPACER $13.50
  • AS3-063X1X48 AL STRIP $5.40

If you are building the track from a single piece, you won’t need our track extension. Use the coupon code "8TRACK" during check-out for $10 off your purchase.


Q: The spacer block that you sent is different from what’s shown in the video! Will you send me the one that I see in the video?

A: RTFM. We have updated the design of the spacer block to an improved version that drops the screw clamps on the S-track side. Trust me. The new one is better.


Q: How much weight does the Supertracks kit add?

A: The installed kit should weigh in about 1lb 11 oz., most of which sits very close to your airplane’s CG. You could take your shoes off and have a bigger effect on your weight and balance than the tracks will have!


Q: Can the Supertracks be used with the Anti-Splat Almost-14 mod?

A: Yes, these two mods play together nicely. In a rare case, we’ll sometimes have customers have issues with a fastener from the Almost-14 mod interfering a little bit with the S-tracks. It’s up to you to figure out how to deal with that but it shouldn’t present much of a problem for a person who has built the rest of an airplane!


Q: How hard is this to install? How much time does it take?

A: Take a look at our installation video here ( Most people can get this done in an afternoon of work. You’ll need an extra set of hands a few times during the installation, so bring a buddy. The biggest places people run into problems come from two places: (1) “I didn’t read/follow the instructions,” and (2) “I’m afraid to drill a hole in my airplane.” If you can follow instructions and you’ve got the courage to drill a few small holes, you’ll be fine!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Michel T.

Bought this at Oshkosh. I hesitated as i felt this was expensive. The installation went fairly well although I spent more time on it than the average builder…. Now that this is done I only regret I kept it in a box for so many months. This is a game changer, making the baggage compartment so much easier to use. I am very happy that I bought this.

William Mahoney

A must have for any slider!

Robert Gee

No RV that can use this mod should be without it. No more getting on the wing to load your baggage area. It was fun doing this mod knowing how much it was going to help getting my stuff in the baggage area without falling off the wing doing it.

Randall D.

Wonderful product and great service.
Thanks Blake

Mike Y.

Install went very well. Watch the video and it goes well. Good product.