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Steering Link Control Arm - Tie Down Control Arm

Steering Link Control Arm - Tie Down Control Arm

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Our friends at Just Plane Works came up with this simple innovation that will change the way you tie down your plane when you’re away from your home airport. This item features a tie-down ring that can be used to run a rope through when you’re tying down. It’s simple and easy and will save you the pain of wrapping the rope around the whole tailwheel assembly. Whether you are upgrading your existing control arm or replacing a worn-out arm, the tie-down control arm is a great choice.

This item is included with a standard order of a Steering Link, but is offered here in case you need a replacement or are using this item for another purpose.

Made to fit the 7/8″ diameter tailwheel shaft that is standard on Van’s RV (post-1997) and similar tailwheel forks. Will NOT fit the Aviation Products tailwheel with 3/4″ tailwheel shaft.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dennis R.

Great fit and operation

Larry L.

Works well, some sharp edges.

Mike K.

Great addition to a Bell tailwheel.

Edward C.

This is a very practical and well-made item. The only reason I marked it down to 4 stars is that the tie-down ring has very sharp inner edges. This needs to be rounded off some to keep from chafing the rope.


This is the second one I have bought. The first got a little sloppy in the plunger slot after several hundred hours. These are a great replacement for the original Van's unit because they allow the tail to be tied down without wrapping around the tail spring.