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Stainless Steel Shim Washer

Stainless Steel Shim Washer

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Stainless steel shims to make fine adjustments to the tailwheel assembly. When properly installed, the AN364-820A nut on top of the tailwheel should tighten down onto the top of the tailwheel shaft, with a few thousandths of clearance between the washers and the top surface of the control arm. If installed without proper clearance, the tailwheel can bind.

The 1/2″ ID washers increase the height of the tailwheel shaft for proper clearance. In other words, these INCREASE play between the tailwheel and the mounting socket. This is necessary when zero or negative play causes the tailwheel to bind and malfunction.

7/8″ ID shims take up vertical play in the tailwheel pivot shaft/mounting socket assembly. In other words, these DECREASE play between the tailwheel and mounting socket. If the tailwheel fork moves up and down more than about 0.015″, then you can order the appropriate thickness of shim (or shims) to eliminate the excess play.

Shim specs:

  • For Van’s or Screaming Eagle tailwheel forks using a 7/8″ shaft
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Hardness -Rockwell B85
  • thickness tolerances ±0.0025″
  • NOT for forks using a 3/4″ shaft (Aviation Products)

Please refer to the Tailwheel Troubleshooting post for installation and placement tips.

Note: Do not try to completely eliminate vertical play in the fork/socket. There MUST be some wiggle room for the components to function smoothly.

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Donald H.

Perfect washer

Wolfgang M.

Everything was o.K.

Antoine S.

just perfect