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Sonex Full-Swiveling Tailwheel Mounting Kit

Sonex Full-Swiveling Tailwheel Mounting Kit

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Note: before ordering, please take a look at the “Necessary Upgrades” section of our Sonex tailwheel writeup here.

Upgrade the tailwheel fork on your Sonex aircraft to a full-swiveling steerable tailwheel based on the reliable and popular Van’s RV assembly. The full-swivel functionality makes the aircraft easier to move on the ground and allows zero-radius turns in taxi, while still retaining positive control over tailwheel steering when you need it.

This kit does not contain the tailwheel fork or tire; this is designed to be ordered in conjunction with one of our retrofit tailwheel forks and your choice of tire. This kit contains the mounting socket, locking pin and spring, control arm, and other hardware pieces that you will need to complete a tailwheel assembly.

Please note: we do not recommend installing or using this product unless your aircraft is equipped with effective differential braking on the main wheels. Differential braking capability is critical, as it is possible for the tailwheel to turn out of its connection to the rudder control.

Q: What are the angles of the various mounting sockets?

A: Sonex mounting socket angle: Sonex sockets are made with a 0.625″ stinger mounting diameter and is set at an angle that is approximately 33 degrees above the horizon. This is different from the analogous parts for Van’s aircraft.

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