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RV Jack Points (RV-8)

RV Jack Points (RV-8)

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Add a convenient and simple way to jack up your landing gear for conditional inspections or tire and brake maintenance.

Please note: This model is designed specifically to fit the slab-style gear on the Van’s RV-8 (it will not fit the RV-8A or other RVs with round gear). However, it may fit some other aircraft with slab or Grove-style landing gear, such as the Extra 300 and One Design.

Installation is simple. A small and light base plate installs on the gear, then an adapter arm is easily added when you need to jack up the plane. The adapter arm gives you a sturdy and flat point to use with a scissor or floor jack to raise the gear.

For more information on the installation process, find the full instructions here.

Kit ships with all necessary hardware and includes a base plate for each landing gear, along with one lifting arm.

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