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Replacement Bearing for Lightweight Tailwheel Tire and Condor2

Replacement Bearing for Lightweight Tailwheel Tire and Condor2

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Bearing failures are rare. Usually just grease leakage, and not really a “failure.” Still, it’s still a good idea to keep a couple of spares on hand, since they are easily replaced and very inexpensive.

Please note: this bearing is for the Lightweight Tire and Condor2 only. It will not fit our Deluxe tire.

Sold individually. There are two bearings in each wheel, so buy two for a complete set.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pull the bearings from the Lightweight Tire?

A: These bearings need to be pressed out from the back side of the bearing. You can do this with a hydraulic press, arbor press, bench vise, or just a hammer. Captured between the bearings you should find a bushing spacer (you may need to use a pin punch and some leverage to move it). Move the bushing spacer so that the wall of the bushing is visible through the hole in the bearing. You’ll be using the edge of that bushing to press the bottom bushing out from the back side.

Use a 3/8″ bolt or an appropriately sized socket from your ratchet set as a ram. Set the tire on the press plate (or a pair of blocks if you’re using a vice) so that the bottom bearing is free to come out, then press the ram to the bushing to remove the bearing on the bottom side.

Flip the tire over and press the second bearing out from the back using an appropriate ram.

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