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Racer Mini Fork

Racer Mini Fork

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Designed with smaller aircraft and air racing in mind, this diminutive fork packs a punch in performance. This fork is made to fit a four-inch tire and works perfectly with our DJM 4-inch Racer Tire (found here).

This is the #1 fork we recommend for Sonex, (requires our Sonex Mounting Kit and an upgrade to differential brakes), as it provides greater obstacle clearance and improved handling vs. the stock setup without raising the tail too much. If you’re an RV-driver that likes to race, this fork is a simple drop-in replacement for the stock Van’s fork with a lot less tire hanging in the breeze.

Tire is not included unless you also select "Yes" under the prompt to “Add 4" Lightweight Tire” to cart!

Fork weight 21 oz, including axle bolt.

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