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Poor Man's Cold Air Induction System

Poor Man's Cold Air Induction System

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Cold air induction is about one thing – more power. Our system is affordable and very simple: the cold air system shields the air in your intake from the heating effects of the engine. Colder air going into the engine means higher density, higher density means more oxygen is going into the combustion chamber, and more oxygen means more power!

You’ve seen similar systems on race cars and tuner cars, and now you can install an inexpensive cold air system on your aircraft. These aluminized ceramic insulated sleeves are designed to fit over your Lycoming induction tubes to help reduce the amount of heat picked up by your induction air from the nearby hot exhaust pipes.

Easy installation – no need to change the oil sump. The Poor Man’s Cold Air Induction System requires only simple removal of the intake tubes, cutting and installing the aluminized ceramic sleeves, and reinstalling the intake tubes. Enough Heat Shield Mat is included to cover the intake hoses facing the exhaust pipes, which greatly prolongs the life of the intake hoses.

Everything you need to do the job properly is included (parts listed are for the 4-cylinder kit):

  • 4′ of aluminized ceramic sleeve
  • 4 AEL71973 Lycoming intake gaskets
  • 4 SL69603 Lycoming intake hoses
  • 1 piece of Heat Shield Mat
  • 1 package of 16 stainless steel tie wraps

While the induction air still must travel a short distance through the oil sump, remember that the oil sump is only 200F while the exhaust pipes are typically around 1400F. Dollar for dollar, you should expect much of the benefit of a true cold air induction system at a small fraction of the cost!

Please double-check the lengths of your intake pipes to ensure that you will receive enough ceramic sleeve.  Also check to make sure that the gaskets and hoses provided are suitable for your engine! Other sizes are available but not listed here. Call or email for more info.

Special note from the Flyboy Tech Experts:

I occasionally have customers ask for an instruction sheet for this product. There really aren’t any specific instructions as it can vary a bit per plane. Basically, you remove the intake pipes as needed, cut the sleeves to length, and slip them over the intake pipes. The remaining material is to be added as required to keep the exhaust heat off of the intake rubber hoses, motor mounts, or other heat-sensitive parts.

When I added these items to my plane, I did so initially to protect the rubber parts near the exhaust pipes. Getting a noticeable change in the induction tuning (injector tuning) was a pleasant side benefit that I must assume is because of heat rejection. For what it’s worth, several notable RV experts (not me!) claim to have hard data that says that this simple idea does work.   -Vince, Tech Dude

Note: In the four-cylinder kit, the aluminized ceramic sleeve may arrive as two (2) two-foot pieces rather than one continuous four-foot piece. If you believe this would cause problems in your installation, leave a comment on your order at checkout requesting a continuous piece.

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