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Numatx 3K Squeezer System

Numatx 3K Squeezer System

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Upgrade Available at Flyboy Accessories: Optional upgraded hydraulic hose from TS Flightlines replaces the larger, heavier rubber hydraulic hose that is standard in the kit. The TS hose is an 8′ braided steel hose with clear coating to protect painted surfaces: click here


If you’ve got rivets to set, you won’t find a better tool available than the Numatx HTC-3 rivet squeezing system. The Numatx squeezer is smaller and lighter than comparable pneumatic-only units and delivers constant force through the full stroke of the tool, meaning that you can set different lengths of rivets without stopping to change settings.

There is no adjustable ram…with the Numatx unit, you simply set the pressure for the rivet diameter that you are using, and rivet away. When the material thickness and rivet length change, you don’t have to adjust anything.

The unit’s compact size allows you to get into places you could not reach with a handheld or pneumatic-only unit. Set up to 1/8” aluminum solid rivets with up to 3,070 lbs. of force. The Numatx unit uses shop air up to 90psi, so you can use it anywhere you can get an air hose.

The handheld portion of the squeezer is fully hydraulic and weighs only one pound (without C-yoke). This unit accepts industry-standard Chicago Pneumatic CP214 type yokes, attached with included quick-release shear pins, and can be ordered with various c-yokes if you don’t already have compatible equipment.

Deluxe kit includes four yokes: NXY-C15 (1.5 inch), NXY-C30 (3 inch), NXY-C40 (4 inch), NXY-L25 (2.5 inch, extra height for longeron).

Note: this item does not include rivet sets.

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley M.

I ordered the longer hose and the full set of yokes. I have been surprised how often I use the 4" yoke.
Very easy and comfortable unit to use.


Been using this quite a bit and it is a great tool

Lee W.

Great system and service from flyboyaccessories. I opted for the add on thin hose and while I was hesitant to pay for it I'm glad I did. The stock hose that the factory sends is much thicker and stiffer and would hamper ease of use significantly compared to the optional hose (which is also 2' longer).

The system works every bit as much as advertised - makes rivet squeezing a simple matter.

Ralph F.

I have many rivet squeezers as I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of doing the best job possible. And if only our spouses understood that were it not for our tool affinity and drive to do better, our culture and them specifically would inhabit mud huts on the predator-packed savannah. (Use a form of this argument to “justify” your next tool purchase).

This squeezer produces picture perfect rivets every time based on pressure, not dimension. Cool idea!

The unit does require some assembly, just like everything else related to airplanes. This would concern me were it not for the OUTSTANDING service and care delivered by Blake and Vince at FLYBOY. These two are honest, kind, helpful, available and they are AMAZING CRAFTSMEN. These men can do what others can only talk about. Give them your business, they deserve it and you’ll be happy.