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Newton SPRL V1 Fuel Selector Valve

Newton SPRL V1 Fuel Selector Valve

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Get a premium quality fuel selector valve for about half the price of the competition.

The SPRL-V1 is a three-/four-way fuel selector offering left-off-right in the three-way version and left-off-right-both in the four-way version. The V1 does not feature return lines for fuel.

There are 90 degrees between selections and the absence of a lower fitting reduces the depth required.

Engineered and made in the United Kingdom, the Newton fuel selectors have several major advantages. Ceramic disks have no soft moving/rubbing seals to wear out, unlike other valves, and give an “indefinite” service life with a very smooth light action. The lift and turn selector is instinctive, secure, and easier to use than the complex ‘lift button’ type. The locking detents avoid accidental movements. The fixings match most installations, and the internal ports prevent cross-feeds. Male AN fittings enable you to plumb straight into the fuel system with no extra fittings to buy.

The lightweight alloy construction is anodized for protection; the Viton o-ring seals are suitable for all current fuels. Tests on this product demonstrate long service life, showing valves holding 6 bar after 100,000 movements.

This item is for use in experimental aircraft only. Fittings must be purchased separately.

FAR 23

The SPRL Valves, as designed, have a very nice ‘feel’ and are logical in use. However, there is a requirement in FAR 23 whereby the fuel valve must be turned from OFF to an ON selection simply by turning it, i.e. it should not have to be lifted up, pushed down, etc., and it should also not be possible to turn it from an ON position to OFF without a dent. We offer both the standard fuel valve and an identical unit with a selector mechanism conforming to this regulation.

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Customer Reviews

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Dan Morris
Great fuel selector valve

I purchased the 3 port version quite a few years ago. It was easy to install in the RV -6 center area. It operates smoothly and has very positive position locks. The valve is designed so that you don’t go through off when switching tanks.

Really like this product and support.