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Mounting Socket Bushing Set

Mounting Socket Bushing Set

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If your polymer sleeve bushings in your Screaming Eagle mounting are worn out or damaged by welding or powder coating ovens, replace them with this set.

Note: These bushings are NOT for the replacement of bronze bushings which have a different flange thickness. If you got your mounting socket from Van’s Aircraft or anywhere other than our store, these bushings will not fit.


  • Remove the existing polymer bushings. This can be done with a press, a hacksaw blade, a Dremel tool, heat, or any other simple methods.

  • Using your bench vise, press the new polymer bushings into place. You will need to install the bottom flange bushing first. Be careful to keep the bushings from tipping when starting. Once started, they should go in straight without much effort.

  • You may consider putting a bevel on the inside edge of the half-moon milled slot in the top of the steel piece. The bevel will help the top bushing to slide in without scraping the edge.

  • Once the bottom bushing is in place, install the top bushing using the same method. Press the top bushing in until it almost touches the other and stop. Look inside to check, or just stick your finger in and feel for a closed gap.

  • DO NOT continue to press the sleeve in past this point. You’ll start crushing things. The top bushing should protrude above the surface of the mounting socket about an inch.

  • Now it’s time to trim the excess that is sticking out. You can get a rough cut on a band saw, then gently sand the plastic bushing to flush with the socket on a belt sander. Try not to sand the steel. If you have a milling machine, it will work nicely too.

  • Next, you have to clean out the groove where the locking pin goes. A Dremel tool with a 5/8″ diameter cutoff wheel (one that is somewhat worn down in diameter works well) will trim the excess off easily. Again, use a gentle touch and you’ll be fine. A 5/8″ diameter end mill in a milling machine will also work well.

  • Reassemble your fork, locking pin, mounting socket, etc. and check that everything works correctly.

Q: Do you have replacement bushings for my Van’s socket?

A: No, we do not carry the bronze bushings that Van’s uses, and our bushings will not fit to Van’s parts. You can likely find replacement bushings at an industrial supply.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lee L.

Installed cleanly and tight. Test flight confirms the new tailwheel and mounting socket are performing as advertised. Very nice gear.


John G.

Powdercoated my tailwheel, destroyed the bushings. These fixed it great.