Minimax Tug - Piper (Wheel Pants)

Minimax Tug - Piper (Wheel Pants)

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The ultimate tug system for your Piper aircraft with wheel pants. This powerful little tug will give you effortless control over your plane while you're moving around on the ground. Made in the USA and powered by a 20V Dewalt cordless drill. Fits all PA-28, PA-32 Cherokee and PA-20 Colt with tricycle gear. All PA-32 models require purchase of Milwaukee 28v power system.

NOTE: Some tow plates are located very close to the nose gear fairing. Attach your hand tow bar to tow plate letting it rest atop the fairing. Viewing from the side, note if tow bar handle is above or below a visual level line from tow plate. If level or above, you must purchase this tow plate for fairing clearance and optimal towing performance. If below level, you're OK.

Before purchasing this aircraft tug, please make sure to read the Buyer's Checklist. Purchasing this product indicates that you have read these guidelines and agree not to do anything stupid like try to tow a jumbo jet with your tug. You might also want to check out the Performance Checklist before selecting a power system for your tug.

Powerful All steel construction
Trouble free design
Powder coated paint for durability
Simple Knock-Down design for easy transport
Three transmission speeds
Automatic brake
Built-in rheostat
Built-in light
Net weight 44 lbs (20.0 kgs)
Worm gear drive for efficient power transfer
Enclosed oil bath gear box
Torque output 1150 inch lbs.
Ships stock with 13 x 5.00 - 6 WIDE tires.
Lifetime limited warranty
Made in the USA

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