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Lock for Sliding Canopy

Lock for Sliding Canopy

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Darrell Reiley's popular, tidy, and easy-to-use sliding canopy lock.Features:

  • CNC machined aluminum housing
  • Easy to use. Simply slide up the canopy track, install pin, and lock
  • Can be secured in various locations by adding extra pin holes
  • Canopy can be locked in fully closed or slightly open positions
  • Lifetime guaranteed Master combination lock included, with user-resettable combination
  • Lock installation requires drilling a small hole (#28) in the slider track

Installation instructions:

  • Slide and latch the canopy in the closed position.
  • Slide the lock mechanism up flush with the rear canopy skirt and screw the locking pin down just tight enough to make a small mark on the slider track.
  • Remove the lock mechanism. Center punch the mark made by the locking pin.
  • With a #28 drill bit, set up with a drill stop to MAX depth of 3/16", drill the hole for the locking pin. DO NOT drill completely through the slider track. We do not want water leaking into the aircraft!
  • Deburr the hole and slide the lock mechanism back onto the slider track.
  • Now, use the lock shaft to tighten the locking pin in the slider track hole that you just drilled, firmly but not too tight. It is not necessary to fully seat the pin to the base. Over-tightening may chip the paint or damage the channel.
  • Select your personal combination per the combination lock instructions.
  • Install the lock, and VOILA... you're done.
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Customer Reviews

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Walt R.

Easy to uses and works great
Walt Reddel

Tom M.

Have not used yet but it looks good. Tom