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Internal Rudder Stop

Internal Rudder Stop

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Precision made internal rudder stop


  • Completely internal
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • No protruding aluminum angle required on the fuselage sides
  • Durable white HDPE construction won’t gall, rust, or wear
  • Field tested and proven – hundreds sold and installed

Although the photo shows the stop installed on top of the hinge bracket, it is also acceptable to install it between the hinge brackets. If installed between the hinge brackets, add washers as required so the bolts don’t compress the hinge brackets. Installing the rudder stop between the brackets is somewhat stronger and may make it easier to install the bolts through the rudder rod ends when installing the rudder.

Choose whichever spot will fit best for your installation. Trim or file the ends to get the perfect rudder throw after fitting. Also, when match-drilling your rudder hinge to the existing holes in the rudder stop, you may find it easier to use a transfer punch to mark one hole. Drill the marked hole, then install a temporary bolt through the hole, mark the other hole, then drill it. When drilling the rudder hinge, move the softer rudder stop out of the way so you don’t enlarge the holes needlessly.

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