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Fuel Line Heat Rejection Sleeve

Fuel Line Heat Rejection Sleeve

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Fuel Line Heat Rejection Sleeve, 1″ inside diameter x 3′ length. This is the perfect product to protect fuel lines from radiant exhaust heat. Use it near exhaust pipes to prevent fuel problems caused by intense exhaust heat.

It is intended to be installed over fire sleeve routinely found on fuel lines. The extra insulation and reflectivity of the aluminized face cures heat-related fuel problems. The 1″ inside diameter fits over the fire sleeve found on most RV and other experimental aircraft fuel lines.

Fuel Line Heat Rejection Sleeve has a woven ceramic fabric backing and an aluminized face. Aluminum is approximately 97% reflective and will greatly reduce the heat transferred to the fuel. The ceramic fabric insulation behind the aluminized foil face helps stop any heat not already reflected.

Fuel Line Heat Rejection Sleeve is easy to cut, very flexible, easy to install, and should last for the life of your aircraft. It is waterproof and resistant to fuel and oil.

May be retained by stainless steel zip ties, or other heat-resistant wire or clamps.

This product withstands 1100°F of radiant heat and up to 500°F of direct heat.

Other sizes are available. Email for price and availability.

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