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Flyleds Triple Spotlight Kit

Flyleds Triple Spotlight Kit

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Our Combo lights are great for tail dragger aircraft, but for nose wheel aircraft the Triple Spotlight might be a simpler option to fit. If you have a rectangular halogen light fitting in your early RV-6A then this is the light upgrade you were looking for! The heatsinks need a 40x120mm hole to fit into, which is only a little wider than the existing hole you already have.

3 amps current draw versus 5+ amps for your existing halogen! 3600 lumens of nice clear 8-degree beam white light, versus 5-600 lumens of yellow light.

No radio or intercom noise. None. We promise! Supplied un-assembled as the completed light PCB fitted with genuine Cree LEDs, heatsinks, and collimating lenses. The light requires about 20 minutes of assembly time. No soldering required!

The heatsinks extend 70mm behind the board, and the collimating lenses are 27mm tall. The board is 150x60mm (6″x 2.4″) in size, and it can be trimmed down to a minimum of 135x40mm (5.3″x1.6″).

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