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Flyleds Single Spotlight kit

Flyleds Single Spotlight kit

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Looking to replace your MR-16 halogen landing lights? The single LED spotlight from our “The Works” kit was designed with the same mounting holes as the globe holders that Van’s supply in their halogen lighting kits. They are a drop-in replacement for your Van’s halogen lamps, with the following points to note:

  • 1 amp current draw per spotlight versus 5+ amps for a halogen!
  • 1200+ lumens per spotlight of nice clear 8 degree beam of white light, versus 5-600 lumens of yellow light.
  • With a linear power supply design, there will be no radio or intercom noise. None. We promise!

Supplied un-assembled as the completed light PCB, heatsink, collimating lens, and mounting nutplates and rivets. Each light requires about 15 minutes of assembly time. (No soldering required!) The typical 6-32UNC mounting screws and springs are optional. If you are replacing your Van’s halogens you already have these!

Sold individually… quantity 1 is one 1200 Lumen spotlight.

The heatsinks extend 70mm behind the board, and the collimating lenses are 27mm tall. They are not specifically waterproof (or very aerodynamic!) so they would need to be mounted behind plexiglass in your DIY creations

Add a diffuser disk to break the beam into a 20-degree flood.

** Flyleds made these to the same dimensions as Van’s current halogen light fitting as found in OP-39 for the W715-1 wingtip, also used in the RV-10 lighting kit. The three aiming screws around your bulbs are just under 2″ apart and are #6-32 size. We are aware that there was an earlier version of Halogen light fitting (RV-6 vintage?) that used #8 adjusting screws and nutplates, and is larger in size overall so the screws are set wider apart as well. These lights won’t ‘drop in’ here without you needing to make a new front plate, but the results will be well worth it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel A.

Fantastic Customer Service!

Andrew W.

Powerhouse lights! easy to put together with the provided directions and work great.

Tom P.

I installed these in mu RV-8A tips to replace the
units from Vans. They assembled easily and were
a perfect replacement. These units are considerably
brighter than the track light units and draw only
1 amp each. They wig wag through my Max Pulse switch.
Very pleased with these units. Tom P Chino, CA

Angelo L.

Got them in. Unfortunately only have room for one spot per wing tip. Not as difficult as I thought they might be.

Keith B.

Very easy to install and and bright well worth the cost