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Flyleds Seven Stars Landing Light

Flyleds Seven Stars Landing Light

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When too much light is barely enough...

Following on from the success of our Works kit and Combo lights, these lights are designed to fit in the leading edge light position of your plane. They will fit into a Duckworks or Van's PAR36 light bracket.

With seven Cree LEDs the Seven Stars spotlight projects 9000+ lumens of nice clear 5000k white light forward. Our highly efficient collimating lenses throw all of that light way out front and center where it's needed.

  • 8 amps max current draw. If you have a 100w halogen in your wings now, you're already pulling that much current and you'd be lucky to have 1200 lumens of (eww, yellow) light...
  • 700 grams / 1.5 pounds each.
  • The heatsink extends 90mm behind the mounting plate.

As with the rest of the Flyleds products, there is some assembly required! We've been busy with the 3D printer to make this as easy as possible. All you need is a single screwdriver and about 20 minutes of time.



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