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Flyleds RV-14 Wiring Harness Integration Kit

Flyleds RV-14 Wiring Harness Integration Kit

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Why spend $1780 on Van’s lights for the RV-14 when you can have a complete Flyleds solution (The Original kit, two Combo lights and a tail light) starting at just over $700? Van’s Aircraft supplies an optional “Common Fuselage wiring harness WH-00125” for the RV-14, as well as harness WH-00011 as part of the wings and WH-00057 as part of the tail kit. These can be used to support a Flyleds installation with only a few modifications.

This kit provides you with Molex connectors to mate with the existing connectors at the wingtips and the tail, 6 feet of wire to make two simple harnesses for the wingtips, as well as a length of shielded wire to extend the wiring for the tail light forward to the panel.

The accompanying instructions should make the task clear and easy for you. With Van’s different drawings and diagrams spread over several sheets and various sources, we created a concise version to get our lights working quickly.

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