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Experimental Aero Tail-Lift

Experimental Aero Tail-Lift

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There are a number of good reasons you might need to lift the tailwheel of your airplane and there are precious few good ways to do the job. You could lift the tail by hand and stack a pile of junk to create a wobbly platform to put the tail on. If you're lucky, you might throw out your back in the process! 

Or, you could use this slick tail lift from our friends at Experimental Aero. A winch-powered trolley securely cradles the tailwheel and can easily raise the tail up to 41" off the ground. 

Drop ships directly from Experimental Aero. 

This product is the spiritual successor to the Tailmate unit, produced with the blessing of the owner of that design. 


  • 150 lb. lifting capacity
  • Adjustable trolley for different size wheels 
  • Winch operation with 12:1 mechanical advantage
  • Powder coat finish
  • Overall unit weight 35 lbs. 
  • Delrin rollers and strap-style winch for smooth operation


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Customer Reviews

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Gary Sobek
Just what this old man needed

After 26-years of lifting the tail by hand when it was needed, one reaches an age that makes it difficult to lift the tail without pain for the next several days. This was a big help after injuring a shoulder getting a box off a shelf. Works perfect on my RV-6.