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Tailwheel Control Arm with Tie Down Ring

Tailwheel Control Arm with Tie Down Ring

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Tying your tail down when you're away from your home 'drome can be a chore. These simple control arm upgrades feature a convenient ring that you can run a rope through to securely tie down your tailwheel. Upgrade from the standard control arm or replace a worn or damaged arm here.

Our control arms are precision-machined to exact tolerances, and have a slightly deepened locking pin notch (versus the stock control arm) which allows for more reliable locking. Our locking pin & spring are specifically designed to work perfectly with this control arm. However, your existing Van's locking pin & spring will work fine.

Fits Screaming Eagle, Van's and similar tailwheels that have a 7/8" pivot shaft. Made from 4130 steel for toughness and durability.

Available in two variants:

  • standard double-sided version for chains-and-springs or cable-based steering setups
  • Single-sided version for use with our Steering Link, as well as similar products. 

NOTE: Will not fit Aviation Products tailwheels.

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