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Deluxe Tailwheel Tire

Deluxe Tailwheel Tire

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If you're looking for a reliable, lightweight, and good-looking alternative to the standard Van's tailwheel tire, look no further! We have now upgraded the design of our Deluxe Tire for added stability and durability. It's the same tire that has been proven on hundreds of RVs and other homebuilt aircraft, now with stouter bearings.

Our Deluxe Tailwheel Tire is nine ounces lighter and much more durable than the standard Van's tire. It is fitted with precision sealed "no-mess, no-maintenance" bearings that will not throw grease like many others do. Bearings are easily replaced in the rare event that they do wear out.

The Deluxe Tailwheel Tire fits a 3/8" axle (RV, Rocket, Doug Bell, Screaming Eagle and other tailwheel systems), as well as 1/2" axle (the bearings are 1/2" bore and we include a removable bushing to step it down to 3/8"). Long-wearing yet soft, solid rubber tire gives good service life. You can expect this tire to last considerably longer than the stock Van's tire.

    • Tire diameter 6"
    • Tire width 2"
    • Hub width approximately 2.25"
    • Washers may be added to wider axles to fill empty space as needed
    • Weight of tire/hub is 33 ounces.
    • Replaceable, sealed bearings (please contact us for information about replacement bearings)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

I ordered this replacement for my original tailwheel that was not available in stock. It worked well initially. I'm starting to see chunking and grooving of the rubber after 1 year in service. A bulk of the operations are at an airport with large expansion joints and grooved runway surface. For my uses I may go back to the original solid rubber wheel that came with the tailwheel assembly.

Marty Hill

I've got an experimental Pitts with a Maule tailwheel and just swapped the stock tire for this one. Saves a pound, rides quieter and smoother and, unlike a Maule wheel, it's reversible so if it starts to cone you can flip it around. Only one initial test taxi and one flight with it so far but seems to be a good improvement.

Cary Peeples

Just did a couple take offs landing on this new tail wheel and what a difference, should have put this on sooner.


Much lighter and far smoother bearings than the stock Van’s tailwheel.

Darren K.

Love this tire with my new Doug Bell Tailwheel Fork on my RV7. Their customer support is outstanding. Don't hesitate to buy anything from them