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Cowling Installation Tool (Improved)

Cowling Installation Tool (Improved)

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Note: Low cost rental program is available. See below for more details.

Our cowling installation tool makes fitting and trimming the cowling easy and precise. This tool bolts to the prop hub and provides an adjustable, stable platform to position the front of the cowling. Pre-marked spacing lines help set the proper position.

Use the pre-drilled holes or clamping slots on the sliding mount piece to attach the cowling and hold it firmly in place while you do the fitting work. This handy tool saves you the headache and trouble of having a friend try to hold everything together during this process, with no need to hastily cobble together a device that will cause more work than it saves. We have made improvements to the clamping mount and base to shaft connection, and – most importantly – we have increased the range of travel to accommodate mounting dimension down to within one inch of the face of the flywheel.

Attachment plate features concentric rings at 15″ and 13″ diameters suitable for all RVs and many other aircraft.

Please note: we do recommend that you determine the mounting dimension of the front of the cowl relative to the face of the installed flywheel. If you don’t know this dimension, please consult your propeller and engine manufacturer. If that dimension falls between one inch and 7 inches, this tool will suit your needs. If it falls outside that range, please get in touch with us and we can help.

Rental Program

For many builders, this tool may be a one-time use item, so you may not want to buy the tool outright. If you would like to rent this item, you may do so at a rate of $100 for the first month, and $50 per month after that (keeping the tool longer than six months buys it outright, and you will not be charged rental in excess of the purchase price of the item). To take advantage of the rental program, add the item to your cart and check out with the tool at the normal retail price ($439). It is helpful but not necessary to put a comment in the order stating that you will be renting the item. We’ll send the tool and you can use it at your convenience. When you’re done, simply return the tool to us using a parcel carrier of your choice (USPS, UPS, or FedEx). When we receive the returned tool, we will assess the total rental charge accrued and refund you the remaining balance. Tool rental program is not available to customers outside the U.S. at this time. If you have questions on this process, please contact us by email at

Cowling Installation Tool Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I installed my Showplanes Fastback cowling using this.. 6 months later, the prop arrived. Perfect fit. Can't beat good engineering. It's not cheap to buy, but the perfection it allows is priceless. Buy one, sell it on if you are not going to build another... or just keep it to take out and admire it later...

Joe R.

Absolutely fantastic tool, especially for the builder who mostly works alone. Aligns and holds firm the cowling halves for a perfect fit. If I ever build another plane I certainly will use this tool again.

Scott a.

One of the best items I purchased in my building process. Some folks feel it is a little pricey, but I disagree! Once you use one to set up your cowl I am confident you will agree, it’s the best money spent! Thanks Flyboy Accessories for the great product!

John P.

Very helpful in locating cowling on yio360m1b/RV7.