Condor2 Parts

Our new and improved Condor2 fork is designed to give you the option to use a pneumatic tailwheel on your RV. This unit retrofits directly into standard-sized Van's-style tailwheel assemblies, and uses a 3/8" axle bolt, making it compatible with our Deluxe and Lightweight tires as well as Van's standard tire. This will give you the option to switch easily between a pneumatic tire and a solid tire, so you can stay protected from flat tires.

Order the full unit or individual parts.

For more information on installation, maintenance, and flying with your new tailwheel, we suggest you check out our free Tailwheel Install Documents

Now available - specially made hub to fit the Condor2 fork. Accommodates tires up to 200x50 (~8" diameter). Our tire is a 6-ply Aero Classic tire. Tubes are a premium-quality Tosten Aero tube. Axle spacers are custom cut to center the tire in the fork, replacing the unwieldy washer stack.

Please note that this is a larger tire than the standard size found on most Van's aircraft. This tailwheel will require a larger fork to accommodate it, which is why we developed the Condor2.

Please be aware that pneumatic tires can and do go flat, and a smaller tire is somewhat more prone to this problem than your larger main tires. Even with the best tires and tubes available, you should expect and be prepared for the occasional flat. We recommend purchasing extra tubes and/or keeping a solid or foam-filled spare on hand in case it is needed. We cannot be responsible for tires that go flat.

We recommend running these tires at 50psi and checking the pressure regularly. Tires that get low on pressure fail much faster.

Please note: although the Condor2 fork looks quite similar to our Doug Bell fork, it is different, and this wheel will not fit into a Bell fork.

Please note: installed inner tubes and tires are non-returnable.

Default Title 200x50 Tube to fit Condor2 - B-TW-TUBE $23.00
Default Title Aero Classic 200x50 Tire - B-TW-TIRE $73.00
White Powder Coat Condor2 Tailwheel Fork - White Powder Coat - A-TW-CNDWHT $205.00
Default Title Pneumatic Wheel Hub - B-TW-ALHUB $95.00
Default Title Aluminum Axle Spacers - B-TW-SPCR $5.00