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Chisel Style Canopy Breaker

Chisel Style Canopy Breaker

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The original Piranha canopy breaker tool was designed by a former military F-100 and F-4 pilot who understands that safety must be top priority. These excellent tools went off the market, and Flyboy Accessories was able to pick up the idea and bring back a version of the Piranha Canopy Breaker Tool. Made with Van’s RVs, homebuilts, and other general aviation aircraft in mind, this chisel-style canopy breaker will quickly make an emergency exit hole in any Plexiglas window or canopy bubble.

The unit is made from industrial strength aluminum and weighs approximately 14 oz. This tool should be mounted within easy reach on a structural part of the aircraft so it will be ready in an emergency.

A Canopy Breaker Tool provides an emergency method of exit from the aircraft when all normal and emergency procedures for opening the canopy fail. This one-piece milled aluminum tool has a short chisel blade and a heavy cylindrical handle. The Canopy Breaker Tool is designed to securely stow below the canopy rail in the cockpit.

Now available: optional mounting kit includes two plastic clips to mount anywhere in the cockpit and a safety tether to keep the tool from coming loose and flying around the cockpit during a crash. Tether includes pull pin and 6″ of steel cable with a tab on one end. Fix the tab to the airframe and insert the pull pin through the body of the tool.

Note – It is best NOT to un-strap your seat belt or harness prior to using this tool, particularly if you are upside-down.

If the normal or emergency procedures for opening or removing the canopy fail, proceed as follows:

  1. Grasp the Canopy Breaker Tool with one hand firmly wrapped around it, with the cutting edge of the blade facing up and perpendicular to the canopy surface.
  2. Grasp the bottom end of the tool handle with the other hand so the bottom of the handle rests against the palm of the hand.
  3. Aim the blade point to strike the canopy surface perpendicular to the frame and near the canopy support frame, using body motion in strong upward or sideways thrusts, as necessary.

NOTE: The blade of the tool should penetrate through the canopy and produce cracks leading away from the penetration point. Approximately four to five blows, placed so that the cracks from the previous blow intercept, are necessary to open a hole large enough for escape. The approximate time to open an initial escape hole is 7 to 10 seconds

 Simple mounting kit includes 2x clips and lanyard with quick release pin

Overall dimensions 8-3/8″ long, 1-1/4″ diameter. 15 oz weight.

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Denver G.

Haven’t had to use it but it looks like it’ll do the job!!

Mark M.