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AFS/Dynon Advanced Control Module controller board

AFS/Dynon Advanced Control Module controller board

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Thinking about installing an Advanced Flight Systems AF-5000 series or Dynon Skyview EFIS system in your plane? As part of their Advanced Panels AFS supply the Advanced Control Module (ACM) as the center of the system, making their panels a plug-and-play installation.

The Flyleds ACM controller board builds on this theme. It simply plugs in between the ACM and the fuselage wiring harness, re-configuring a few wires to suit our strobe kits and passing through everything else unchanged. One additional connection to a nearby ground is all that is required to install the controller board, which should take minutes to do.

This controller board is ordered in conjunction with our The Original or The Works position and strobe light kits and substitutes for the controller normally supplied in that kit. It is supplied fully assembled and ready to plug in, no soldering required! Our installation guide is available to read here.

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