Steering Link Control Arm for Aviation Products Tailwheel

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PLEASE NOTE: This control arm is designed to fit Aviation Products tailwheels with a 3/4″ pivot shaft. It will NOT fit standard Van’s, Doug Bell, or Screaming Eagle tailwheel forks. Please click here for standard-sized control arm

NOTE: This image is out of date… The new version of this item features an additional tie-down hole like the other control arms that we have.

The control arm is a wear item that may eventually need replacement. If your steering link unlocks inappropriately, check the locking pin and the control arm for wear. Repair or replace as needed.

The locking pin notch has been deepened to give a more reliable lock. For use with the RV Rocket steering link.

2 reviews for Steering Link Control Arm for Aviation Products Tailwheel

  1. Merrill E.

    Only have two flights with it, but I like it! Very positive control for taxi and seems well behaved on take-off and landing.

  2. Merrill E.

    Just remember, this is a “wear item”, as the description of the arm clearly states. My first one lasted 315 hours, but I should have replaced it at an estimated 250 hours. The notch for the pin is the wear point.

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