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Screaming Eagle Retrofit Tailwheel Fork

(9 customer reviews)

The Screaming Eagle Retrofit Tailwheel Fork is our flagship product: designed as a “drop-in” upgrade to replace the standard tailwheel fork in RV-type aircraft. Made in the USA in our own shop. Individually checked for quality, our tailwheels represent a significant advantage in performance over the stock setup. Our fork provides significantly better clearance, and also improves handling by reducing the steering force needed.

Due to the minimal clearance of the standard Van’s right-angle fork, you risk damaging the airframe of your plane every second your plane is on the ground. A rut in your grass strip, deep tie-down hole, asphalt edge, or pothole in the concrete can easily catch the leading edge of the old fork and cause major damage to your plane. Don’t risk it!

The Screaming Eagle tailwheel fork is raised for better clearance – if the tire will roll over it, our fork will clear. The extra height shortens the lever length on the fork and allows the plane to handle with less force on the rudder pedals, making your time on the ground much easier on the pilot.

The Screaming Eagle tailwheel retrofit fork is a self-locking, full swiveling design. It even works with a tailwheel pant installed! It includes the fork, axle bolt, nuts, axle washers, and cotter pin. You can re-use your existing locking pin and spring, as well as the control arm you already have, or you can find replacements for those parts in the accessories section below. Fork available in primed paint finish or powder coated white or black.

The retrofit fork is designed to fit existing RV or Rocket tailwheels. It weighs in at 15 ounces, virtually the same as the stock unit. Shaft diameter is 7/8″, and the fork fits a standard axle bolt size of 3/8″ (AN6-32).

The Screaming Eagle retrofit fork will make your RV, Rocket, or similar homebuilt steer crisply and give better obstacle clearance to help prevent tailcone damage from hitting a pothole, tiedown, or other obstacle. We also have a complete line of replacement parts for the tailwheel assembly, which are interchangeable with Van’s-type tailwheel units.

A standard Van’s tailwheel pant (available from Van’s) may be modified to fit our fork. Installed properly, your tailwheel will full swivel and perform normally. It’s gotta be good for an extra knot or two!

Screaming Eagle Fork weight with axle and top nut: ~17oz.(482g)

9 reviews for Screaming Eagle Retrofit Tailwheel Fork

  1. Trevor

    I replaced the stock RV-4 tailwheel assembly with the screaming eagle unit on my Harmon Rocket II. The product quality is excellent and the fit was perfect. The aircraft ground handling is greatly improved. The new unit lifts the tail about 3 inches which slightly reduces the weight on the tail. This allows for much lighter steering forces. This product is well worth the money.

  2. ecckers

    Perfect fit. Very well made

  3. David T.

    Excellent craftsmanship, fit finish and it even came painted. A very noticeable difference in the way the airplane sits and handles!

  4. Blake Frazier

    Review from a customer: “Fast shipment, simple install, high quality, and great looks. Got to be good for an increase of at least a couple knots. It over doubled my tailwheel clearance over obstacles. I’ll go flying if it ever stops raining. Love it all! Thanks again!”

  5. Mike J.

    This tailwheel is better in both design and construction. Easy install and, just down right looks cool.

  6. Roger H.

    Shipped promptly, equipment was as advertised. Will use Flyboy’s again.

  7. Shawn G.

    Very impressed with the quality. Looks great on my RV7!

  8. Pat C.

    Along with the light weight tail wheel this is a must have item in my book. Well
    made and easy to install.

  9. Dennis R.

    Seem to work great, Everything needed was include to removed an original Vans fork and wheel and reinstall the Eagle . Enjoyed the NEW ability to steer well and LOCK in . Also like the additional slight bit of height that this fork offered.

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