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RV Bits Wingtip Lighting Module

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All-in-one lighting module includes Position/Nav, Strobes, and Landing Lights in one easy-to-install unit. Features super-bright LEDs for plenty of light and only 5A current draw. Includes left and right module. Single screw adjustment for landing lights. Modular design allows for future maintenance; each module and power supply can be individually swapped out. Easy installation or retrofit can be done without even removing wingtip.
  • 400 lumens Nav Light
  • 2750 Lumens Strobe Light
  • 1500 Lumens at 11 degrees Landing Light
  • Wig Wag and Strobe Sync functions built-in.
  • Splashproof water resistance
  • ~750g weight each wing
  • Current draw and lumen rating:
    • Landing light: 0.7A, 1500 lumens
    • Strobe light: 2A while flashing, 2750 lumens
    • Navigation light: 0.36 A, 360 lumens
Note: For RV-7 and RV-8, make sure you have the W-715-1 wingtip with the straight trailing edge. This will NOT fit the W-715 “Batwing” wingtip Contact us for direction if you’re unsure. Instructions and info:

1 review for RV Bits Wingtip Lighting Module

  1. Pierre van der Walt

    We at Sport Plane Builders have installed a few of these landing light modules on customers RV`s with good results. I can recommend them .

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