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Replacement Bearing for Deluxe Tailwheel Tire

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NOTE: These bearings fit Deluxe Tires shipped prior to July 2019. If you’re not sure when your tire was shipped or you have one of the newer variety, contact us for more information.

This item DOES NOT fit the Lightweight Tire or Condor2 Tire.

Bearing failures are rare. Usually just grease leakage, and not really a “failure.” Still, it’s still a good idea to keep a couple of spares on hand, since they are easily replaced and very inexpensive.

Sold individually. There are two bearings in each wheel, so buy two for a complete SetBearing Replacement Instructions:

  • Place the tire on a pair of boards to allow the bearing to be pushed out the bottom.
  • Gently tap the bottom bearing out with a punch. Do not hit the top bearing as it is impossible to drive it past the center flange of the hub.
  • Flip the tire over and tap out the remaining bearing.
  • Tap the new bearings into place. Tip: Tap on a large socket of a diameter slightly smaller than the OD of the bearing to prevent bearing damage.

1 review for Replacement Bearing for Deluxe Tailwheel Tire

  1. Robert C.

    Perfect fit. Took about 3 minutes or less to change.

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