Rear Seat Rudder Pedal Kit

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Give your copilot a little bit of control with rear-seat rudder pedals. Or, if you’re feeling brave, let them have full control while you take a nap. Either way, installing a set of rudder pedals in the rear seat is an airplane essential, and we think this rudder pedal kit is one of the best available. They look good, work great, are easy to install, and they fold down to the floor when not in use.

Originally designed for Rockets and RV-4s, these pedals can be installed in aircraft having rudder cables that run above the floorboards along the sidewalls. Note: They do not work in RV-8s or other aircraft where the rudder cables are below the floorboards

The pedals are 6″ tall, 3 1/2″ wide and are made from 1/2″ diameter Stainless Steel

As seen in the photos, the pedals fold up for use and fold down to the floor when not needed. When folded down they are completely ineffective, meaning you don’t have to worry about your rear seat passenger stepping on a pedal at a bad time… like during landing roll out!

Easy installation – install the bracket of each pedal to the floor and attach cable clamps to the rudder cable.

Note: We recommend using these pedals for light-duty, in-air use. Be aware that situations could arise in which the front seat pilot overpowers the rear seat pedal input, causing the cable clamp to slip, with an uncertain outcome.

2 reviews for Rear Seat Rudder Pedal Kit

  1. Karren M.

    I purchased the rear rudder pedal kit for my RV4. It arrived safely and is well constructed for a lifetime of use. Sadly it does not suit the manual flap setup in my aircraft, so I will not be making use of them at this time. I will have to go electric flaps with my aircraft for them to be of use.

  2. Vince Frazier

    This is inaccurate. I have manual flaps in my RV-4 and these work great. No problems at all.

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