Oil Filter Bib

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Change oil with less mess with Oil Filter Bib. This simple item is heat and chemical resistant, and easy to use. Place the bib under the bottom of the filter, pull up on the flaps to make the seal, then use the convenient access to loosen and remove the filter. The bag will catch the filter and oil without spilling a drop, and can be disposed of during cleanup. 

Available in packs of 3 or 10. View the video below for more information and a demonstration.

3 reviews for Oil Filter Bib

  1. Jonathan W.

    Works as advertised!

  2. Ron S.

    I have used these bibs at least 4 times and while I still get a few drops outside the bib after I remove it it is way better than without. I use it in a very tight area on my Lycoming IO-540 between two mags, two vac pumps and all the other wires, ignition wires and hoses. These bibs make the job a lot better.

  3. Stewart H.

    Great product

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