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Rivets occasionally don’t set properly and must be replaced. The key to doing a good repair is to not cause more damage by enlarging the rivet hole when drilling out and replacing the bad rivet.The typical “Oops rivet” sold by Van’s and others is a full rivet size larger in diameter than the rivet being repaired. That is to say that a -3 rivet with a 3/32″ shank might be repaired with a 1/8″ shank Oops rivet. This technique needlessly enlarges the rivet hole, in this case by 33%.There is a better option. Our “Mini-Oops” flush rivets are only 1/2 rivet size larger. In other words, our -3 “Mini-Oops” rivet which replaces a standard -3 rivet with a 3/32″ shank has a 7/64″ shank. This increases the rivet hole by only 16% compared to 33% for a regular Oops rivet. This means that the rivet hole stays much closer to the originally specified size.


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